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Timeshare Out Complaints

Timeshare Out ComplaintsTimeshare out complaints

Redemption & Release has continually sought steps to develop the ability to exceed our clients expectation and reduce the concerns or complaints one may have with our timeshare out strategy to help exit your timeshare. After hard and thorough analysis, we realized that the biggest timeshare out complaint would have to be pricing. Everyone loves the thought and ability to get rid of their timeshare, but few like the thought of having to pay to actually release themselves of a burden. Especially a burden that they may have paid thousands of dollars for in the first place. What is the biggest timeshare out complaint? Pricing. Unfortunately, the popularity of timeshare out services has created a profit windfall for over zealous timeshare release companies. It seems that some of the over priced timeshare out services providers have one basic motive – extreme profits. This profit first mentality unfortunately puts the clients financial situation secondary to the overall sales process. These inflated timeshare out companies typically base their fees on a timeshare owners maintenance fee amount. In simpler terms; if you pay a higher maintenance fee – you will pay a higher timeshare out fee. We suggest being wary of companies that have such wildly fluctuating fees! There really are many timeshare out service providers out there, most all do a good job, but there can wildly fluctuating prices between them all. Don’t over pay to give away!

So who provides the best timeshare out service with ZERO timeshare out complaints? Redemption & Release, LLC! We are a company that provides a low, flat fee –  NOT based off your annual maintenance fees. This will give you the assurance of knowing you are dealing with a company that takes into consideration your overall financial health and does NOT put profits first. Redemption & Release, LLC is known within the timeshare out industry as having the best prices, and lowest service fees – saving you a considerable amount of money and time.

Timeshare Out Complaints